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I Pray You Are Well


Dear Friends,

I write a lot of emails to many different people and find myself relying on a few familiar phrases in many of my communications. One I use often is “I pray you are doing well”. I, along with everyone at Harvesters, take prayer very seriously; and I never want to use the phrase in an insincere manner. We are indeed praying for you and encourage you to let us know if there are specific concerns that we can pray for on your behalf.

Also, we are sensitive to the reality that many people here in the U.S. are now facing great challenges because of the Coronavirus. Even as we have shared with you via email and Facebook the serious circumstances of the partners and people we serve internationally, we do so with you, your churches, and communities in mind and want you to be aware that our concerns include these as well.

We are very thankful for the generous gifts that have allowed Harvesters to provide food, lifesaving information, and spiritual support to many people in Africa and Asia. We plan to continue these efforts as God provides the needed resources and do our best to reflect the love of Christ in every way possible. Beyond that, we certainly have not forgotten the ongoing efforts of planting churches, equipping pastors, installing wells, caring for orphans, and all the other work God has called us to do daily. Our heart is to continue and strengthen these efforts, and we look forward to more progress in all areas of ministry.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support. Please never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, need more information, or would like to let me know how we can pray for you.

Doug Radford, Director