Glad that God has Chosen Us

“Glad that God has Chosen Us.” I heard this from Kamlesh Biarwa of India in October 2006 on my first mission trip to the Pokot. These words hit me hard and drew tears.

I hadn’t thought of that before. I knew God wanted me there and I was excited to be serving Him, but I didn’t realize that God had actually chosen me.

Why would He want me? What did I have to offer? I was baffled and humbled by these words. They still resonate with me today and more and more I’m learning to understand their meaning.

Ten months ago before that trip, I felt that God was calling me to missions but never knew what that really meant. I thought I would maybe make a yearly mission trip, but that would be about it. Yet, on that trip God confirmed His calling and set before me a path that has completely and totally changed my life.

Through the Pokot people, my heart was changed. God used the clinics, the bush, and the beauty of the experience to bring me to the realization that this is what He had for my life. He opened my eyes and my heart.

It was the last night in the bush, on that first trip, when I told my teammates that this was God’s will for me and I was ready to follow. Since that time I’ve spent many hours in prayer and asking the Lord how I could serve Him through missions.

God has been so faithful and has continually laid the path out before me, one step at a time. I’m humbled and honored to say that God has made the way for me.

God has really changed my life in great ways since that trip in October. He took any plans that I had for my life and set them aside, so that I might follow His plans, and for that I am so grateful.

A year ago I would have never imagined that I would be working with full time missions. I am so thankful that God’s ways are not our ways. The path isn’t always clear, but it is straight. It isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s honestly just frustrating. Yet walking in Christ is always good. The Lord does have a plan for each of us.

The Great Commission is not a recommendation. It’s a command to us as believers. Christ meant for us to go and make disciples in all nations and to give to those in need. I’m convinced that we can all do something.

God is calling each of us to the work that He has set for us. I challenge you to seek Christ, do the work of the Lord, and do something for those in need around the world.

There is a great physical need, but more importantly there are so many that have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us not be still, but active in the work of our Lord.