Giving Girls Hope – Empowering Girls Through Education

In the United States, education is a requirement. By law, all children must be educated. Parents have many options to accomplish that – public school, private school, or home school. Education here is a right, but in many other countries it is a privilege.

Education is an essential part of the holistic strategy of our partners, each of whom accomplishes it in their own way. Many run their own schools and training centers. Others assist with payment of school fees or transportation to and from schools.

Our partners utilitze this opportunity to teach not only the basics – reading, writing, and math – but Christian values, character, and integrity. We aim to equip young people with the tools they need to rise above their circumstances and become agents of change in their communities.

Sometimes, those circumstances are dire. In many of the countries where our ministry partners serve, a young girl is considered a burden or even a curse. Abortion, infanticide, molestation, and rape are increasingly common. Poverty drives many parents to sell their daughters knowing full well that they will end up as sex workers.

reshmaGirls like Reshma from India are one of the reasons we are passionate about educating young women. Reshma is a student at the Jagat-Jyoti (or “Light of the World”) school operated by Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra, our ministry partner in India. She is the daughter of a village snake charmer and receives an education only because of the ministry school.

Reshma is a very bright girl who enjoys her studies. At the end of her 8th grade year, her parents wanted her to discontinue her studies and get married. After all of her years in the ministry school, she saw a bright future with tremendous possibilities. She wanted to study further, get a job, and then settle down.
The school was able to provide her with a scholarship to continue her education. This year, Reshma passed the 10th Board Exam near the top with an 87%. Her next goal is to pass the 12th Board Exam.

Girls like Reshma can not be exploited any more. They know they are precious daughters of a loving God and they can become all that God wants them to be! This is so empowering for young women.

When a girl is educated and given the Gospel, she becomes a blessing to her home – her parents, her future husband and children, and to her entire community. You can help by praying for all of the children supported by our partners around the world, by providing monthly support for a child, or by donating toward the building of a new school.  We invite you to partner with us to educate children like Reshma to give young people the hope that can be found in a solid education.