Easter Greetings From the DRC

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On Behalf of Hekima Baptist church, I write this letter seated here in Goma, my home town with my thoughts focused on the Easter celebration which to us highlights Christ’s ministry on earth.

EASTER! the word / day is of course synonymous with the death and crucifixion of CHRIST but it also causes many of us to wonder; why Christ came. Why did He die? For whom did Christ die? These questions are key to understanding the Christian Faith.

We so desire to pick up a few things from the CROSS. There’s no foundation for Christianity without the cross. The cross speaks so much about our Faith that I would like to use the words of a famous hymn that we sing in most services today. “THE WONDERFUL CROSS” where the writer says that LOVE and SORROW met at the cross and like he says – it was painful for Christ to endure (sorrow) yet at the same time His love for you and me suppressed His pain (love).

The Easter season calls us to survey the cross.

Our prayer this season as Hekima Baptist Church is that each one of us will come to understand the power, love, peace and victory that is all in the CROSS of our Lord Jesus Christ and that through the cross, victories will be won in every area of our lives; for the last words of Christ were; “IT IS FINISHED – John 19:30” All was won and settled at the cross.

Friends, during this season, let us meditate about the story of His life, His words of life and hope, His power, the miracles and then His death that speaks alot about the season and our faith. The King whose crown was thorns.

We pray that we will understand the victory that we have in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Pastor Athanase and Rachel