Does Worldview Impact our Giving?

Does our worldview impact how we make decisions on ministries we support?  Of course it does, but is it Biblical?  Who is to say a one hour church service in a fancy building with comfortable seats, lights, air conditioning and all the latest sound and video equipment brings more glory to the Lord than those gathered in the scorching heat for four hours under a tree, or those meeting secretly in a small room with the doors tightly shut and curtains drawn at unusual times of day to avoid view?

Why do we love some people groups and despise others when we don’t even know a single person from these groups?  Media plays a large role in our perceptions of people of differing cultures and worldviews.  Are we sifting what we read through the Bible?  God created all people and He separated them into tribes and He scattered the tribes and gave them different languages. Why then, do we think we have the right to judge them and compare them to our society – aren’t we just one of those groups?

You may think that I am trying to preach a class here, but my point is one that is taken out of a burden for our partner in Pakistan.  I have been fairly direct in the past that there is a need that is not being met and that there is huge sacrifice, even to the point of death, being made by these pastors, yet my pleas have fallen on deaf ears.  I have prayed about this and tried to comprehend it in my pitiful little mind, and all I have been able to come up with is that it is because of a differing worldview resulting from reports that are read or seen in the media.

Christians are Christians no matter where they live, what their customs are and how they worship the Lord.  If they are true Christ followers they are our brothers and sisters and when they have a need we who are able are to meet that need should do so.  Our sisters and brothers in Pakistan are in an area where the fields are ripe for the harvest.  When trials come, property is destroyed and people’s worlds are turned upside down, historically that is when the greatest revival and outreach takes place.  Here are men and women trying to bring those who do not know the Lord to a place of understanding that will not only save souls, but will help to bring peace to the endless conflicts. The stereotypes of Jihad and extremist Muslims revile us, and we forget that God created them also.  These Muslims need the Lord more than most, and we need to remember that our sisters and brothers in Christ do not have the same worldview as the extremists even though they live in proximity to them.

I am urging you to rethink how we look at those who live in Muslim areas – are they no less God’s children.  How can we as Harvesters help them when no one is willing to support them?  We commit to telling their story and funneling funds that are received to them, but currently we have nothing to send, and this has been pretty much the case since their partnership in December of 2009.  There are huge needs for evangelism tools, repairs to leaking buildings and safe places to worship.  Search your hearts, and if you feel the Lord realigning your worldview, won’t you please click here and help these pastors reach those who truly need their lives changed.