Crisis In Congo-Update 10.7.08

In an email received on Tuesday from The Reverend Habimana in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we learned that conditions have worsened since our report of September 14th. He is now describing them as critical.

The death toll has been rising in Goma as a result of lack of food. When food is available, the prices have escalated drastically. Communications with the rural areas of the country have been cut off and crops are not being delivered into the city for fear of attack. Many of the roadways have been closed off by the rebels, so traffic flow into the city is virtually at a stand still.

The UN currently has a large ground presence in the Kivu province to help to press back the rebel National Congress for People’s Defence (CNDP) which has been pushing against Government forces. There is a great deal of fear that conditions may escalate to where they were at the peak of the Civil War when over 4 million people lost their lives.

Please pray for the people of the Kivu province and for the Reverend as he strives to share the love of the Lord with these people in their time of fear and distress. Pray that the food will be able to reach the people and that the inflation will stop.