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Committed To Orphan Care


There are more than 20 million orphans in India, with the number growing every day. The parents die of HIV/AIDS, addiction and other diseases, accidents, violence, and the ever-looming complications of poverty. Children are left to fend for themselves at very young ages and do not receive proper nutrition, education, or care growing up. These children then continue the vicious cycle as they try to survive by any means necessary – prostitution, drugs, gang violence, and crime.

SAC committed to being a solution to this epidemic and established a Christian orphanage in 2010. The home can care for up to 200 orphans, but at present, they serve 45.

Most orphans are severely malnourished. As a consequence, they are stunted in growth physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. SAC Ministries provides these children with consistent and loving care, starting with their most basic needs – shelter, clothing, and plenty to eat.

SAC Ministries also provides primary education and skills training for the youth, along with a strong, Christian foundation. Our ultimate goal is to raise our children to have a rich relationship with Jesus Christ.

When you sponsor a child at SAC Orphanage, you are giving them an opportunity for a hopeful and prosperous future. Through love and a consistent upbringing, these children can break the poverty cycle and become contributing members of society. Through their Christian foundation, they will become part of the solution to fighting the orphan epidemic.

At the SAC Orphanage, the children can learn to be children once again. We also provide many opportunities for fun and games, and positive life experiences. The children learn what it means to be a family who cares for one another, regardless of their life’s circumstances.

Would you please join with us in raising up the next generation? The cost to provide for a child is $49 per month, or $588 per year. Your generous commitment gives them an opportunity to grow up and live as a walking testimony of the love of Jesus Christ.