Chone Thang – Missionary in Training

Chone ThangBlessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 5:3 is the favorite verse of Chone Thang. He is 19 years old and a first year student at Myanmar Bible College. He was raised in a large Christian family and is the eldest of nine children. Before attending MBC, he lived with his parents and siblings in a small village of less than 20 houses in Paletwa Township in the southern Chin State of Myanmar.

As a child, he suffered from a serious illness. It lasted for many days, and there was no doctor available to care for him. Finally, a pastor came and prayed for him. He was immediately healed! After seeing God’s healing power in his life, Chone Thang began searching for God and accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord in 2000.

Chone Thang’s desire is to become a preacher and missionary to the unreached areas of Myanmar. Seeing that passion, his pastor suggested that he travel to Yangon to visit Myanmar Bible College where he could fulfill his vision.

It is easy to see his strong commitment when learning just how far and how long he traveled to arrive in Yangon. His journey included a 60 mile walk over two days followed by two bus rides totaling 32 hours.

During his first two months of study at MBC, he has already shared his testimony numerous times, encouraged fellow students, and challenged senior students to have a more evangelistic spirit for lost souls. School leaders appreciate his strong commitment and active participation in college services. They see his devotion to prayer and Bible study and the fire he has for sharing the gospel.

He is able to attend MBC with almost no cost because of the support provided by donations to Harvesters. He expresses his sincere thanks for your support and asks that you pray for him during the school year.

One year’s tuition at MBC is $450, which includes boarding. There are many more students like Chone that would love to attend. Join us in supporting this next generation of pastors and missionaries!