Building to Reach More Students

The first block of the Kollukhedi village school has been completed! The new building is well constructed with a concrete foundation. The two classrooms have working windows, electric ceiling fans, new tables and benches, and black boards, providing a safe, clean, and comfortable learning environment for the children. Currently, there are 200 students and 12 teachers. More classroom space is desperately needed. There is an extensive waiting list, and the school is searching for additional teachers.

IMG_8654 editedThe school provides education for children that would otherwise not be able to attend school. Through your sacrificial giving, everything is provided free of charge – text books, stationery, uniforms, transportation from distant villages, and nutritious food. Each day begins with a praise chorus, reading from the Bible, and prayer.  Evangelism is combined with the formal curriculum.  The light of the Lord shines in these students as share what they’ve learned about Christ in their homes and villages.

Good Samaritan is trusting the Lord to provide for construction of a second block of classrooms, which will provide space for 100 additional students.  Partner with us in prayer and giving as we look to the Lord for provision of $50,000 for the new school building.  Click the donate button above to be part of this exciting project.