A Race Like No Other


Water is our most basic and vital need in life. Without it, nothing can happen. Nothing can grow. But with it, everything changes. Clean water quenches thirst, but it also restores health.

With access to clean water, life can be given back to a community. Time spent getting water becomes time to work, to go to school, to grow an economy. And most importantly, clean water reveals hope for a new future and is the foundation upon which the church can be established and grow into a thriving community of believers.

Kensington Church in Troy, Michigan has seen the strategic importance of water to accomplishing the goals of Julius Murgor and Pokot Outreach Ministries of reaching all of the Pokot with the gospel. Their effort recently moved into an exciting new realm that will provide unprecedented exposure to the Pokot water crisis.

Kensington’s Hope Water Project launched in January 2013 with an ambitious goal of 1,000 people from the church and community to commit to running the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October. Each participant was challenged to raise $1,000 toward the Pokot water initiative. In other words, the total fundraising goal for the event is $1 million or more than 40 wells providing clean water for nearly 100,000 people.

As of the writing of this article 1,275 people have committed to running for water! It is so amazing and exciting to see how people have responded to the need and are doing what they can to be part of the solution and all in the name of Christ.

Every person has something to contribute and the commitment to participate in a marathon is huge. However, the energy and momentum behind this initiative is inspiring and has already brought hope to the Pokot who have learned of what is happening on their behalf.

I met with pastors in January at several of the proposed well sites where we discussed their plans for planting churches at each location when water was available.

You too can join Team Kensington, even from the comfort of your own home or recliner. There are still spots open if you would like to participate in the marathon. You can also donate to the cause by supporting someone who is running in the race or through a general donation to the cause.  Please visit hopewaterproject.org for more information.