A Letter from Russia

q7zf__1We hope this letter directly from Russia touches you as it did us! Please pray for Zhanna, Max and his new friend! — Jeff & Joye
Dear Jeff, Joye,
Hello, I Hope you both are are doing well!!!
 I am so thankful for all you do for the ministry and want to share a quick story about this boy Max again (he is on the left on this picture). He just continues to impress me. He is the boy who read the Bible every night for at least a year to his little friend Andrey who couldn’t read yet!
Now he called me asking to meet his new friend – a new boy in the orphanage whose mom is an alcoholic and dad is in prison. He ran away from his grandma and it ended up with the department of guardianship putting him in the orphanage. The poor boy is blaming himself for the whole thing. The poor guy cried sharing his story with me:(((((. Max takes his burdens for him and uplifts him as much as he can!! I am so thankful for his heart!!!!!!!! The name of the new boy is Rodion, please mention him in your prayers if you would please!!
Lots of love to you!!!