Good Samaritan – India

Creating A Future For Girls

Girls in our area are seen as a liability. They need to be married off with a big dowry, whereas sons bring a dowry! The male members in the family eat first, and the females have to do with whatever remains. Girls are neglected and abused, even in their parental homes. Their plight gets worse still in their in-laws’ homes. They are even sexually abused by their male in-laws. Female empowerment remains an important part of our ministry. When you educate a girl, you educate a family! With this in mind, we have 138 female students, out of a total of 200, in our Kollukhedi Village School.

Payal, a girl from Village Kaliyedeh Gaon, has been with us right from nursery (equivalent to American preschool) onwards. At the age of 11, she finished her 5th Standard. Her parents said, “That’s enough! Let her stop her education, help with domestic work, and get married.” Like in all these kind of situations, we advised that she should continue her studies. We assured her safety as we provide transportation from her home to school and back in our hired 4-wheeler. Finally her parents agreed, much to Payal’s delight!

In March 2019, Payal will pass her 8th Standard and wants to continue her studies further. And her parents have agreed! Please join us in praying for Payal! It is through your help that we can continue to provide education for children like Payal. Only $19 a month provides a child with education from loving, Christian teachers, school supplies, uniforms, and a meal.