Triumph Out Of Tragedy

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. (Is. 55:8)

Cyclone Nargis brought thousands of deaths and missing persons to Myanmar. Homes, crops and businesses were destroyed. The government did not want to receive outside assistance and the people were starving. This is a pretty dismal picture in our eyes, but in God’s great plan, this devastation would be turned into glory for Him.

As humanitarian groups sent aid, little was getting to the people of the Irrawaddy Delta who were the hardest hit by the cyclone. Pastor Benjamin, who received aid from Harvesters International Missions, (HIM) had a burden for these people. He tried to bring many of the orphaned children from this region to Yangon to be housed with the other orphans he cares for but was refused. His burden continued to tug at his heart and he managed to get to the Irrawaddy and purchase some supplies for those in the greatest need.

burma1During this trip he continually shared that the Lord had provided for these provisions. This pastor is a very humble man and has put others in front of his personal comfort. His church and home are still not rebuilt, but he has assisted others in getting their homes reconstructed.

During this time of sharing in the Irrawaddy, Pastor Benjamin had an attentive audience. Those who were recipients of the food he brought were eager to hear of Jesus, and during this trip five people were baptized. Many others heard the Gospel message.

What we looked upon as a tragedy of monumental proportions God used to bring glory to Him – triumph in the midst of tragedy. God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, but His plans never fail.

We praise the faith of Pastor Benjamin and his determination to share the love of Jesus even in the midst of suffering and pain. He is eager to build a church in this area and to continue to nurture those who have found the Lord. The loss of life was monumental, but the souls that are entering the Kingdom through these events are increasing in an otherwise dark part of the world.