Thingyan Water Festival

If you can envision the wildest 4th of July you have ever experienced you may come close to understanding what a big event the Thingyan Water Festival is in Myanmar. Unlike the 4th of July, however, this is a four-day event that falls right before the Myanmar new year. This is the week of that celebration, and for “Pastor Benjamin”, this is more than a joyous holiday, it is one of the biggest outreaches that his ministry conducts during the entire year. With everyone out and about, it is a perfect time to share about the spiritual water Christ supplies – the water that truly satisfies our thirst.

2011 Water festival outreach

2011 Water festival outreach

The Myanmar believes that Thinngyan water has the power to cleanse the evil and sins of the old year and believe it is a time of change. Thinngyan comes from a Sanskrit word which means change. What a wonderful blessing to be able to share that Christ forgives us of our sins, but all of them, not just a year’s worth, and in Him they can be a new creation.

Each year “Pastor Benjamin” focuses his attention on young people during this time, and he offers them meals and has a time of sharing the Gospel with them. Many young people have come to Christ through this event, and as the ministry heads into this outreach, we ask that you would pray for much fruit. Pray that the presentations are clear and that the contrasts between Christianity and Buddhism resonate in the hearts of the people.

If you would like to know more about this festival and others that the people of Myanmar celebrate you may click on this link. Pastor Benjamin struggles to keep all of his ministries funded through his small rice paddy and through his pig program, but with 8 orphan homes, a Bible School and several students in Bible School, it is a difficult balancing act. If you would like to contribute to the outreaches that Pastor Benjamin conducts throughout the year, you may click here.

We are so thankful for the work that Pastor Benjamin and his fellow pastors and evangelists are doing to reach a closed country. Please lift them up in your prayers.