The Blessing of Outreach

For most of our partners outreach Evangelism is a key element of their ministries. For Myanmar, one of the most closed countries in the world, this is often dangerous, yet extremely rewarding. Our pastors in Myanmar put their lives, churches and ministries on the line for the sake of the Gospel.

merrychristmas“Pastor Benjamin” hosts many different outreaches throughout the year and travels days to reach his home village to share the love of Christ with the tribe he comes from. During the past month “Pastor Benjamin” has hosted three very successful outreaches. The first was on Christmas day and the day after in two different villages where the church members invited Buddhists to come and celebrate Christmas with one of the missionaries. After the festivities, the story of Christ’s birth was read. For many Buddhists it was the first time that really understood that Christ is alive and not dead. They also realized that the door was open to fellowship with the Christians and that they were welcomed.

The next event took place in the Delta region where the cyclone caused so much devastation in 2008. Two and a half years later the ministry that was kindled during that time of turmoil and trial is growing. On December 28th our partner along with the local pastor presented Christ’s arrival on earth and the salvation that He brought to the world. Many understood for the first time who Jesus really is and what His purpose on earth is. The event built bridges of hope and planted seeds of salvation. The group is invited to conduct Christmas services in 2011.

teenbaptism2Although the year of 2010 ended strong, 2011 started with a real bang. On Sunday January 2, 2011 in the city of Yangon the angels were heralding songs of praise in the heavens as the fruits of the outreaches brought ten new souls into the Kingdom of God. The message was clear – there is no salvation except through the Lord Jesus Christ who forgives us and releases us from the bondage of sin. These ten confessed their sin and believed that Jesus was the only way.

Two of those baptized were older Buddhist gentlemen who totally turned away from the teaching they had known all their life and embraced the Lord Jesus with their whole heart, soul and mind. This was truly a wonderful start to the year and we pray that it is just the start to what the Lord has planned for 2011 in the country of Myanmar and many other dark places around the globe. We are thankful that the Lord permits Harvesters to be a part of this ministry which is producing so much fruit and which has such a strong focus on Evangelism and outreach.