Testimonies from Myanmar

evtrainingmyanmarIn November of 2009 Face 2 Faith Ministries of North Carolina conducted Evangelism training for five days in Myanmar.

There were 23 pastors in attendance, some of whom had to travel 4 days each way to attend the training.

The training was powerful and the pastors were most appreciative. Below are some of the testimonies.


Firstly, I want to give thanks to God who has sent me to attend this Faith Orientation Sunday School Strategy Course. Secondly, thank you all who support financially to be like this Training, who are instructing us and who are initiating the program.


This is punctual in time. Effective teaching is exemplary to me. Even though I don’t understand in the beginning, I realized lastly about Evangelism to others for one man or with groups. Outdoor Preaching is making me encouraged. I know that when I stand before someone there’s an invisible pulpit.

AMOS (Pastor Benjamin’s Brother-in-Law)

Benefits of Training:

This is my privilege that you have given me a chance to tell about an evaluation of the last Faith Evangelism Strategy Training. I was blessed in every area. For me that training was my first experience for attending for Pastor or Evangelist Training. So, I personally think that we all gained at least the basic tools of sharing the great Salvation of Christ to the unreached people. Moreover we had a lot of fun too. Especially for me it was my first experience for interpretation, so I felt pleasure very much for that though I was tired.


I feel immensely thankful for the Lord to learn new tactic for Evangelism in our country. I thank God for sending Team to equip us for effective evangelism amongst Buddhists. I appreciate your time, money and materials; your love to God and burning desire for extension of His kingdom in Myanmar. It is indispensable to attend this Faith Orientation Training.

Benefits of Training:

I am encouraged by spending time with your teaching for Evangelism. I like best such as Key Question, Transition Statement, and Presentation of the word FAITH. Spelling out FAITH on fingers is one of the most effective tools in sharing the Gospel to non-Christians. As I have been going outreach to Buddhist Areas, it is a new tool for me Evangelism. I do hope that FAITH VISIT OUTLINE is a weapon to win the lost souls and then put them into the body of Christ. I am pleased with going for evangelizing in afternoon section. Thanks for your participation in this section as well.

As you can see from these testimonies, the pastors and evangelists of Myanmar are thirsty for training and are eager to share regardless of their personal safety. It is a privilege and an honor to assist these men in fulfilling their calling by the Lord. We are praying that there may be more training and materials available to them in the future. We also pray that they are invisible to those who would seek to persecute them for sharing the Gospel message.

We thank the team from North Carolina who conducted the training and left such a powerful impression on the pastors.