Women’s Empowerment

Every person has a purpose and is valued by God. In many cultures, women are not as highly valued as they should be. Our partners are committed to empowering women to reach their full potential and to be confident in their value to God and in society.

Women in places like Pokot, Kenya, are often abused by their spouses, and are expected to fetch water, cook meals, care for the children, and build the houses. Women in Rwanda are faced with the horrific effects of sexual abuse and the stigma of HIV.

Our partners focus on spiritual development and encouragement of women through the local church. Several partners have formed micro-enterprise groups that help women achieve economic stability, fellowship with other women, and the dignity that comes with being able provide for their families.

Groups like the Women of Pokot are working with us to empower women and girls and to educate communities- men, women, and youth- about the negative effects of the cultural practice of FGM.

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