Water is hope. Water is life. Without clean water, physical or spiritual, a body will die. With clean water, communities have an opportunity to thrive, water-borne diseases are reduced, and there is hope for the future.

Several of the people groups with which we work are plagued by the lack of access to clean water. Pokot Outreach Ministries, one of our Kenyan partners, has its own drill rig and crew and has been drilling deep-water wells in the arid Pokot area since the mid 1990’s.

Kerith Ministry, our Uganda partner, has recently started installing wells in village communities where they are planting churches.

Clean drinking water brings not only physical life to the people, but also opens the door to share of the love of Christ. Installation of wells is coordinated with local staff, communities, and church leadership. Water committees are formed in each community that assumes responsibility for the well after it is completed and is trained on managing the vital resource and asset that has been provided. Many communities request that a pastor be posted in their community so that they can learn more about the God that cared enough about them to provide them with life-sustaining water.

Water Resources Partners

Kenya | Pokot Outreach Ministries
Myanmar | Fellowship Bible Church
Uganda | Kerith Ministry