Medical Services

Many of our partners work in areas that lack roads, sanitation, and electricity, making adequate health a challenge and in many places, nonexistent.

Pokot Outreach in Kenya operates a medical clinic that offers reduced cost medical care to people that would otherwise not be able to afford treatment. They treat hundreds of people each month for issues like cholera, typhoid, malaria, and many others. Additionally, each month a mobile clinic is conducted in some of the most remote areas of the Pokot region, offering free care to people who otherwise have no access to medical treatment.

Several of the mission stations in Pokot are equipped with small clinics and staffed by nurses.

Partners in India and Uganda offer mobile medical camps similar to Pokot in an attempt to reach remote areas with the gospel and medicine they so desperately need.

Neither religious nor ethnic background hinders the extension of the hand of compassion by the ministry staff who use difficult cultural and religious situations to build bridges to people and communities rather than to erect walls.

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