Philosopher John Dewey wrote, “Education is a social process… Education is growth…Education is not a preparation for life; Education is life itself.”

Education is a key element of the holistic strategy of our partners. Young people are the future of their communities and our desire is that they are equipped, both physically and spiritually, to rise above their circumstances and have the tools they need to become productive members in, and change agents of, their communities.

With a foundation of spiritual development, our partners execute this aspect of their strategies in a number of ways. In many areas, the local church sponsors kindergarten classes. Several partners run their own schools, training centers, or Bible colleges. Others help students by paying school fees or assisting with transportation to and from schools.

Our partners use this as an opportunity to teach character, integrity, and Christian values. In Kenya, the four children’s homes are closely aligned with local schools. In India, the thrust of the ministry in this predominately Hindu area is education. All of the partners are conducting conferences and training opportunities within their communities and local churches.

Many of our partners are faced with cultural challenges that value what a child can do around the home (fetching water, tending animals, and watching younger children) more than equipping children for the future. In many areas, the infant mortality rate is so high that the majority of children do not live to be adults.

Each partner is different, but each one has the goal of helping people develop into the men and women that God intended them to be.

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