evangelism60 Evangelism and Church Planting

The primary focus of all of our national ministry projects is to give people the opportunity to respond to a culturally relevant and scripturally sound presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This goal is accomplished through evangelism and church planting and is intertwined into every undertaking. Read more >

education60 Education

Philosopher John Dewey wrote, “Education is a social process… Education is growth…Education is not a preparation for life; Education is life itself.” Education is a key element of our ministries so that young people can not only rise above their circumstances but also so they can read the Word of God for themselves. Read more >

water60 Water

Around the world, a child dies every eight seconds from a water-related disease. The provision of water gives a tremendous opportunity to share about the ever-lasting spiritual water of our Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to strategically placed wells, other water-providing technologies and projects are used to benefit area residents. Read more >

women60 Women

We at Harvesters cannot consider our work done until we know that the next generation is in place to continue the work and we cannot turn our backs on the physical needs of the widows and orphans. Our stateside partners feel the same way which is why we invest so much in the orphanage programs around the globe. Read more >

children60 Orphan Care

Wars, illness and poverty have left many children homeless. It is estimated that there are approximately 100 million orphans in the world. A primary focus of our outreach is targeted to assisting these children. Read more >

medicine60 Medicine

In remote villages and even in some larger cities, medical clinics are few and far between, and medical staff are limited. Many people die of common ailments that are easily treated. Our partners assist, where possible, with the most common illnesses such as malaria, cholera, bronchitis and topical sores. Without medicines and support for staff, not only may someone perish of a treatable disease, they may not have the opportunity to hear about the love of Christ. Read more >