Preparing for a Future

harvesterWe thank God for the privilege of sharing about our children’s ministry with you!

When I was two years old, both of my parents passed away. I was faced with many problems and difficulties in my childhood. In 2005, God laid caring for orphans on my heart. My family and I took five orphans into our home. God is so good and has multiplied our ministry to now include six children’s homes in Yangon caring for 150 children. Each home is led by a married couple from our congregation.

Most of the children come from remote villages – Shan state, Kachin state, Chin state and Kaya state. These are difficult places that offer no opportunity to go to school. Several of the children have a living parent, but they are unable to support them. Before children enter our homes, they have very few clothes and limited access to food. They have also never heard the gospel. Once in our homes, they make new friends, have clean clothes, regular meals, and are able to attend school. Most importantly, they all hear the good news of Jesus. They begin to feel safe and secure knowing that there are two parents who love and support them.

Over 90 percent of the population in Myanmar is Buddhist. We believe that caring for children is one of the most effective evangelism outreaches in our country. The children we take in and care for today will be leaders of the Christian faith in our country tomorrow.

One of our children, Esther Hlu, graduated from high school and attended college in Yangon. After receiving a teaching degree, she returned to her native village and became an official government school teacher. There aren’t many Christians in the village, so she now has the opportunity to share the love of God with all of the children in her school. She also helps in Sunday School and teaches Christian songs to the village children. She still supports our church and children’s ministry with donations because she knows that she would not be the person she is today had she not come to live in one of our homes. We are so happy for how the Lord is using her.

This year, five young men and women graduated high school and are attending college for studies in nursing, education, computers, and Bible. We have four children attending high school this school year. We are praying that all of these children will find the calling God has for them and achieve their dreams through education.

Thousands of children are waiting for someone to care for their physical and spiritual needs. We need your continued prayer for our children’s ministry so that we can impact even more children. Without your prayers and financial support, we could not care for our precious children. Thank you so much for your love, care, and support of our ministry to children here in Myanmar.

By Pastor Ben, Fellowship Bible Church