Union of Baptist Churches, DR Congo

Led by Reverend Habimana, the ministry focuses on evangelism and education along with ministries for widows and children. The Union of Baptist Churches is a massive network of over 200 churches with nearly 13,000 members throughout North Kivu, South Kivu and Maniema Provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

evangelism60 Evangelism

Reverend Habimana focuses on educating future pastors and equipping them to plant churches of their own.  With nearly 200 churches operating, the ministry continues to expand each year.  There are currently 42 students attending the on-campus seminary that will graduate this year and go on to plant churches.  Many of the pastors go on plant churches in refugee camps, an area desperate for the hope that can only be offered through the Gospel of Jesus.

Pastor Habimana also partners with Girimpuhwe Nawe, which is a like minded ministry operating out of Rwanda.  The partnership includes participation in a Christian radio broadcast, allowing the Gospel to be shared with those who may not attend church.

children60 Orphan Care

There is currently a small orphanage at the main church which houses nearly 20 children, providing them with food, shelter, clothing, and education.  The ministry also assists with placement for additional orphans, often placing them at other churches or in the homes of church members.

education60 Education

The ministry operates 14 Christian primary schools, 4 Christian secondary schools, and a theological center.  In the midst of the devastation and poverty, many people are becoming educated and learning about the love of Christ because of the work of Pastor Habimana.

women60 Women

As a result of the conflict in the area, many women are left abandoned or widowed.  The ministry helps these women by providing training that will enable them to produce goods to sell to earn an income.  They can take classes such as basket weaving at Hakima church. They also receive assistance with food and clothing through their local church.

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