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Union of Baptist Churches | DR Congo

About The Ministry

Located in a vast region that struggles with ongoing violence, poverty, and suffering, Pastor Athanase Habimana leads the Union of Baptist Churches (UBC) addressing both the spiritual and physical needs of tens of thousands of people.

Ministry Focus

Evangelism & Church Planting
Orphan Care
Education & Training
Women’s Empowerment

Training evangelists, church planters, and pastors with the goal of regularly establishing new churches is a priority for the UBC. Currently the UBC consists of over 300 churches and 200 pastors scattered throughout a vast region in the eastern D.R. Congo. The ministry operates a Bible training school at the ministry headquarters.

Countless orphans roam the city streets and rural areas of the D.R. Congo. With help being difficult to find, they are forced to turn to crime and prostitution for survival. The UBC operates an orphanage in Goma which provides a home, food, education, and love for over 90 orphans. These children have been left without parents as a result of war, AIDS, accidents, or abandonment. Hopelessness is replaced with joy as they learn about Christ and experience His love touching their lives.

The UBC currently operates numerous primary and secondary schools serving nearly 5,000 students, helping meet the desperate need for education, which exists in their region. Conflict and poverty have also resulted in many widows living in challenging circumstances. The UBC serves them both spiritually and materially with programs that both encourage and empower them and help to meet their needs.


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