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Seira Community Ministry | Rwanda

About The Ministry

After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the community was left reeling in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aftermath of such a tragedy. Rebuilding is a slow and steady process, and some 25 years later, hurts are still being healed. Founded in 2012 by Pastor Aphrodice, Seira Community Churches (SCC) began with a desire to reach the people of Rwanda with the Gospel and disciple those who desire to be followers of Christ.

Ministry Focus

Evangelism & Church Planting
Women’s Empowerment

After several years of rapid growth, new restrictive laws regulating churches and pastors have created challenges for SCC.  Strict building standards for church buildings have been imposed and resulted in over 7,000 congregations throughout the country being disbanded. Thirteen Seira Community churches were impacted; some requiring significant upgrades to their facilities and others being closed altogether.   With the support of God’s people, repairs have been completed and new church buildings are being constructed so that the ministry can continue to move forward.

Under the leadership of Aphrodice, Seira Community Ministry has touched thousands of people of all ages. Currently, the ministry has 34 pastors and evangelists who work to share the Gospel and disciple believers.

In an effort to help the churches serve the community, various projects are being managed, including providing clean water, preschool education programs, supporting orphans, vocational training for women, and helping families begin raising livestock as a means of improving their diets and income.


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