Seira Community Ministry, Rwanda

After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the community was left reeling in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aftermath of such a tragedy. Rebuilding is a slow and steady process and 20 years later, hurts are still being healed.  But there are godly people and ministries whose hearts are still burning to bring the good news of the Gospel into the devastation.  One such man, Aphrodis, felt a deep conviction by the Lord to serve the women and children, many of whom are HIV positive, and in 2012 he founded Seira Community Ministry to serve the people of Rwanda through evangelism and education.

evangelism60 Evangelism

Under the leadership of Aphrodis, Seira Community Ministries has grown to include 13 churches with more than 3,800 people attending services. In an effort to help the churches serve the community, each church recently received a pair of goats which will provide them with milk, and they will also be able to breed them.

The church also seeks to serve the surrounding community and last year provided blankets to refugees in Congo.  This was a practical way to show the love of Christ to their neighbors in need.

women60 Women

One of the most pressing needs in the community has been to minister to the women, many of whom are widows and/or HIV positive.  Seira Community Ministry offers training programs for these women where they are able to learn skills that will enable them to earn an income to provide for themselves and their families.  These sewing and basket weaving classes are held at a facility that is rented by the church.

The government provides HIV positive residents with medication, however it must be taken with food, so many people are unable to take it. The ministry provides the HIV positive women with food so they are able to receive the benefits of the medication.

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