Sion Assembly Church

Sion Assembly Church was established in 1993 in Vijayawada, India by Pastor Ragendra Kumar Yellamelli. Pastor Ragendra became a Christian at age 15 after witnessing the miraculous healing and courageous faith of his mother. He watched as she shared with their Hindu neighbors what Jesus had done for her and many came to a relationship with Christ. Pastor Rajendra dedicated his life to the service of the Lord and began preaching the Gospel in the slums of Vijayawada while in college. Family is a vital part of this ministry – Pastor Ragendra serves with his wife, Suneetha and his brother, Ravi, and his wife, Prathibha.

evangelism60 Evangelism

Reaching the 1.3 billion people in India is a daunting task, but SAC has created numerous opportunities to serve the community and share the Gospel including medical clinics, Bible seminars, a prison ministry, and much more. With thriving churches and plans to plant more, training is provided for men to serve as pastors.  A daily television broadcast gives them an even wider reach.

children60 Orphan Care

SAC operates an orphanage in Vellaturu, which is attached to the church.  While the physical needs of each child are met, the ultimate goal is to reach them with the love and care of God. Currently, 26 children reside in the orphanage, with space for up to 200. Many widows also receive food through the orphan ministry, and some even stay the night, sleeping on the church floor. The orphanage houses a sewing center where the women are taught to sew so that they can begin to support themselves. Classes and the use of sewing machines are free of charge.

education60 Education

Education provided by schools in the slums of Vijayawada is not adequate. Many parents want their children to learn English as it provides many more employment opportunities, both at home and abroad. To fill this need, SAC plans to establish a Christian school at the orphanage, with classes beginning in 2017. Their desire is to build a Christian, English-speaking school with Telugu (their native language) taught as a second language.

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