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Hope for Life Homes | Russia

About The Ministry

Many children are abandoned and need parents to love them. The goal of HFL is to provide home settings with only a few children per home avoiding the coldness of an institutionalized setting that is associated with Russian orphanages.

Ministry Focus

Orphan Care

HFL works with Christian couples who are willing to care for the abused, discarded, innocent little ones of Far East Russia. Zhanna Markina oversees ministry activities in Russia, while Joye and Jeff Ballard work on behalf of the ministry from the United States.

The Hope For Life Home house parents care for the children’s physical and spiritual needs, just as they would their own children. A family setting and structure is one of the most effective ways to nurture godly children. The house parents teach the children the word of God on a daily basis and ensure they are active in a local church.

Each year, HFL sends many social orphans to a Christian summer camp. As you may imagine, it becomes the highlight of their summer. They are children that either live in an orphanage or with parents that do not properly care for them. God has used the camps in a mighty way to see many children come to Christ. When they return, they share what they have learned with other orphans in the orphanages. They are becoming disciples and spreading the Word to their peers!!!


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