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Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra | India

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Historically a spiritually dark nation, in recent years India has become an even more difficult place to be a Christian. Spreading the gospel is not easy, especially in the northern portions of the country. Non-conversion laws are used to threaten, harass and sometimes persecute Christians and deter non-believers from learning about Christ.

God has opened a wonderful door for Harvesters International’s ministry partner, Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra (GSSK), to bring hope to the Indian people in desperate spiritual need. Led by Kamlesh and Ranu, GSSK operates two schools serving nearly 400 students, providing both a quality education and a chance to learn about Christ and the gospel. Most of these children are impoverished and belong to the lower caste. They would most likely never obtain any education and would probably never hear the gospel without the work of GSSK. The ministry is currently expanding its facility, adding classroom space for additional students.

Beyond educating children, Kamlesh and Ranu work alongside a pastor to teach God’s Word to local adults. Churches and evangelism are not allowed in their area, so this is done in home settings with small groups of believers and others meeting together.


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