Fellowship Bible Church, Myanmar

In 2003, Pastor Benjamin completed missionary training school, received his Bachelors of Theology degree, and began ministry with his wife.  Because the military junta, which governs the country, prohibits public gatherings of more than five people, ministry is difficult.  The couple‚Äôs strong desire for people to come to a saving knowledge of Christ drives them to continue ministry.  Under the leadership of Pastor Benjamin, the church is growing and people are coming to know Jesus.

evangelism60 Evangelism

Church services in Myanmar are held in homes due to the prohibition of public gatherings.  In an area outside of Yangon, home churches meet under the leadership of men that serve as pastors of these home fellowships.

children60 Orphan Care

The ministry has evolved over time to include the care of children.  Nearly 140 children are currently being supported through Fellowship Bible Church.  Some of them live in a rented house near Pastor Benjamin, others live among the homes of congregation members. These families are provided with assistance from FBC in the form of food and school fees for the children.

education60 Education

In 2010, Fellowship Bible Church started Myanmar Bible College with a class of 13 students.  These students complete a 4-year curriculum which prepares them to plant churches and begin ministry on their own.  To date, MBC has graduated 39 young men and women.  Many of them now serve in churches in their home villages, while others are pursuing advanced degrees. 

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November 4 – November 11 – Teaching English at Myanmar Bible College.  If interested, please contact us.