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Fellowship Bible Church | Myanmar

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Led by “Pastor Benjamin” the Fellowship Bible Church (FBC) is poised to impact the nation of Myanmar at a historic time in its history. After decades of being governed by a restrictive military dictatorship, new opportunities for spreading the gospel are now available in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Pastor Benjamin, who grew up as an orphan in a remote area of Myanmar, founded FBC in 2010 with a strong desire to share the Gospel in his country which is overwhelmingly Buddhist. He has since planted 10 churches both in the large city of Yangon and in the remote areas of Myanmar.

With a vision to equip and send 100 church planters throughout the country, Pastor Benjamin established Myanmar Bible College (MBC) in 2010. In 2019 the 5th class of students graduated and are engaged in ministry work or pursuing higher degrees. God has blessed MBC to recently purchase a 5-acre site to be developed as a permanent location.

Growing up as an orphan and facing numerous and significant challenges in obtaining care and an education, Pastor Benjamin has a heart for the countless parentless children in Myanmar who find themselves struggling for their daily needs. FBC provides care for 145 orphans who live in the homes of Pastor Benjamin and others.


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