Our Mission & Our Approach

Our Mission is to participate in the Great Commission by assisting, supporting, and encouraging national missionary initiative at the local level.

It is our belief that the best way to share the gospel with unreached people is through national missionaries. With an intrinsic understanding of local language, culture, and customs, they’re able to share the message of salvation in a way that we never could. We’ve spent years building relationships with indigenous pastors and missionaries on the ground, encouraging and supporting them in their work. And then we bring their stories back to you.

Our ministry partners all have holistic approaches to ministry that seek to meet the spiritual needs of their community through church-planting and evangelism and the physical needs through orphan care, water, education, and community development.

Our goal is to bring individuals and churches that want to be involved in sharing the love of Jesus with those who have not heard together with life-changing, on-the-ground ministry to bring lasting spiritual change.

With your prayers and donations, our indigenous missionaries are empowered to be agents of change in their communities. Their small ministries become permanent spiritual communities where members celebrate the Gospel and live its teachings every day.

For more than three decades, God has been using Harvesters and our partners to spread the Gospel and meet the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world. We are humbled by what has been done and excited to see what God has in store as we work together to fulfill His plan of redemption to the nations.

Where We Work

We are privileged to partner with indigenous ministries throughout East Africa and Asia. The leadership of each ministry has a vision and a plan to reach an entire people group or region with the gospel of Jesus Christ through a holistic strategy of culturally-appropriate ministry.