On Mission In Myanmar

I thank God for His faithfulness and guidance in the ministry of FBCM.

This summer holiday, God allowed me to travel around Myanmar sharing the Gospel with several different people groups.

Kachin State

I traveled with several students from Myanmar Bible College to Kachin state.  There, we visited seven villages and ministered to the Lisu people.  There are very few Christians in this area.  We spent time visiting house to house, and I was able to preach at a few church gatherings.  Many people were eager to know more about Christ.

Magon Division

Buddhism dominates Magon Division, and the love of Christ is completely unknown to them.  We had the privilege of visiting and encouraging the Buddhist people there.  Several children in our children’s homes are from this area.  They traveled with us and were able to share Christ with other children through their favorite Bible stories and action songs.

It is our humble request to pray for us so that we can do more work amongst Magui people in the coming day as the harvest there is plentiful.  Many village people are hungry for the word of God.

Kaya State

kaya lady hear good news revAfter much prayer, the Lord led me to select Kaya State for one of our outreaches.  Kaya state is an unreached people group located close to the border of Thailand.  The woman that I’m sharing with here had never heard the good news of Jesus.  I am pleased to report that she became a Christian that day!  There is much work to be done in Kaya State.  It is our intention to return as the Lord allows.

Chin State

My family and I, along with members of Fellowship Bible Church, traveled to Chin State. We held a three-day seminar titled “If Without God” which included sessions for the entire family on building good character, making godly decisions, and Christian identity.  Over 300 people attended!  Though crusades had been held in this area, this was the first seminar of its kind.  We partnered with local pastors to hold church services each evening.

Each village that we visited asked that we return again next year.  They were so grateful to receive teaching.  Several of the students at Myanmar Bible College are from each of these states.  We pray that once their education is complete that they will return to plant churches and minister to the people of their home towns.  Please continue to pray for us as God leads us into more unreached areas of Myanmar.  May God be glorified!