• Hope In The Darkness March 14, 2015The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda have suffered for years with war and ongoing violence.  War has made many men aggressive toward each other and against defenseless women.   Girls are taken from their families and forced into marriage, wives are taken from their husbands by evil men, and many others are tortured and ...Read More

  • Pressing On In Times of Battle
    Pressing On In Times of Battle May 23, 2012As we walked up the side of the slope to what would become our medical clinic, we saw a variety of huts dotting the hillside across the road – this was an IDP (Indigenously Displaced Persons) Camp. There were makeshift huts, children in tattered clothes, and many older people struggling to make their way up ...Read More

  • Drawing a line across Africa March 5, 2012As we rode over the rough terrain and the desolate land, I thought to myself, what is the Lord doing out here.  There was nothing that resembled a road and there were few people in sight and the heat was oppressive and I was told that they received less than 3” of rainfall per year.  ...Read More

  • Hope Out of Darkness December 21, 2010In October, a friend of mine and I had the opportunity to travel to Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It had been over a year since I had been there and I was eager to go back. Congo is one of those places where years of struggle are evident. The people wear it in ...Read More

  • Newsletter from Pastor Habimana December 2, 2010Thanks for your prayers. The Faith training begun on 25th as I informed you and ended on 28th with 36 participants. How it was organized and its impact: Heekima church has 10 local churches under its leadership and the objective was to train evangelist’s leaders of these local churches to be well equipped with the word of ...Read More

  • Seeds of Hope June 28, 2009The Union of Baptist Churches of the DRC (UBC) Seed distribution in a refugee camp outside Goma has long labored to bring hope to the eastern, war-torn region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In a region that has suffered for many years from the harsh struggles and instabilities of war there is finally ...Read More

  • Easter Greetings From the DRC April 13, 2009Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, On Behalf of Hekima Baptist church, I write this letter seated here in Goma, my home town with my thoughts focused on the Easter celebration which to us highlights Christ’s ministry on earth. EASTER! the word / day is of course synonymous with the death and crucifixion of CHRIST but it ...Read More

  • Hope Amongst Disaster February 17, 2009“God is good all the time.” The Union of Baptist Churches of the DRC has been working for the past twenty years to bring hope to a troubled region. The Union and its leadership have taken a holistic approach to ministry by reaching out to meet spiritual, physical, and community needs in an effort to reach ...Read More

  • Crisis In Congo-Update 10.7.08 October 7, 2008In an email received on Tuesday from The Reverend Habimana in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we learned that conditions have worsened since our report of September 14th. He is now describing them as critical. The death toll has been rising in Goma as a result of lack of food. When food is available, the ...Read More

  • Crisis in Congo September 14, 2008Harvesters received word from Pastor Habimana last week that fighting has again flared up in close proximity to Goma, North Kivu District, where he lives with his family and where the ministry of the Union of Baptist Churches (UBC) is headquartered. The pastor and his family are safe, but the ministry and its congregations have been ...Read More

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