• Omega Ministry Update March 30, 2016God continues to grow our ministry in Pakistan despite threats of violence against Christians.  During 2015, we planted 50 new churches and reached 10 new villages!  We now have 120 churches!  Our team of 50 pastors and evangelists travel each week to preach and minister to these communities.  We are currently training another 12 men ...Read More

  • Does Worldview Impact our Giving? June 8, 2012Does our worldview impact how we make decisions on ministries we support?  Of course it does, but is it Biblical?  Who is to say a one hour church service in a fancy building with comfortable seats, lights, air conditioning and all the latest sound and video equipment brings more glory to the Lord than those ...Read More

  • The Passing of a Partner February 9, 2012It is with great sadness of heart that Harvesters International Ministries announces the passing of our Pakistan partner Pastor Bashir Bhatti of Omega Ministries Pakistan. We received word from his son Christopher on February 3rd that his father had gone home to be with the Lord after several months of poor health and numerous hospitalizations. Pastor ...Read More

  • Taking Ownership through the Lord’s Blessings September 22, 2011I sometimes forget what it is like to not have a climate controlled building, comfortable chairs, a great sound system and overhead projection when I go to church.  There are certain things that are so easy to take for granted here in the United States, but in many parts of the world church is far ...Read More

  • Growing Among Muslims August 11, 2011There are days when the struggles of ministry in a Muslim country seem so hard, and that there is so little fruit and so much persecution, but as I reflect on the past few months I see that the Lord has truly been at work here in Pakistan and has been using our ministry in ...Read More

  • Building a Block at a Time June 16, 2011If you have ever been involved in building something, you probably realize that it is not an instant gratification process. Church planting in Muslim countries is very much the same way. Our partner in Pakistan struggles with effectively sharing the Gospel because there is a need to have physical buildings where the people feel relatively ...Read More

  • Asian Update March 25, 2011Our Asian partners have been busy sharing the Gospel in some very dark places and creating a vision for each of their ministries – here are some highlights. GSSK – India Currently have 2 Christian schools reaching about 240 young people New seniors ministry Continued outreach to plant and encourage house churches Vision to start a technical school for 8th grade ...Read More

  • Pastors in Need March 4, 2011“HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS OF GOOD THINGS!” Romans 10:15 In an effort to give you a better understanding of the hardships that many of our pastors experience, we would like to introduce you to Pastors “John” who is faithfully serving the Lord in Pakistan. None of the pastors who ...Read More

  • Two New Asian Partners December 23, 2009Harvesters International Ministries’ Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of two new Asian partners effective this month. The Board had met with Edwin Kancherla of Christian Youth Services Center at the August 2009 Board Meeting and after a personal visitation by Ed Gillespie and Ed Hirshman in November of this year and ...Read More

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