• Good Samaritan – India March 28, 2019 Creating A Future For Girls Girls in our area are seen as a liability. They need to be married off with a big dowry, whereas sons bring a dowry! The male members in the family eat first, and the females have to do with whatever remains. Girls are neglected and abused, even in their parental homes. ...Read More

  • Good Samaritan December 11, 2018 We praise God for all of His provision! We continue to serve the children of our community and trust that God will bless our work. Each year, we give our 195 students a new sweater, socks, and shoes for Christmas. For many, this will be the only new clothing items they have. The ...Read More

  • Will You Help? March 20, 2017As always, we covet your prayers while we continue to share the light of the Gospel in India. This primarily Hindu nation is a dark place, but we continue to be encouraged as we see the church continue to grow.  One of the ways that we reach the lost in India is through education. The schools ...Read More

  • Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra Update March 30, 2016We covet your prayers as we continue to take the blessed light of the Gospel to the remote, dark areas of India. Our schools serve the lower caste in India, providing a Christ-centered education to those that would not otherwise be able to attend school.  During 2015, we took on an additional 200 students from nine ...Read More

  • Changing More Lives March 30, 2016We have started a new program called Kollukhedi Child Development Center with 150 students ranging from three to five years of age.  Of the 150 children, 124 are girls.  In Indian villages, daughters are neglected, looked upon as burdens, and married off at a very early age.  We want to empower them to change the ...Read More

  • Good Samaritan Ministry Update December 17, 2014Greetings in the Lord!  It is our privilege to greet you at this time. Many Christian ministries concentrate on the kids; of course they are the future.  But, what about Senior Citizens?  The ones who have been working hard and faithfully for decades and brought up their children, sacrificing  their personal needs?  The ones who feel ...Read More

  • Building to Reach More Students November 19, 2014The first block of the Kollukhedi village school has been completed! The new building is well constructed with a concrete foundation. The two classrooms have working windows, electric ceiling fans, new tables and benches, and black boards, providing a safe, clean, and comfortable learning environment for the children. Currently, there are 200 students and 12 ...Read More

  • Praising God for a New School September 16, 2014The new first block of the Kollukhedi village school has been completed! We thank you for enabling us to make it a reality with your prayers and sacrificial giving. We faced several obstacles and delays during the construction process. I was able to solve these problems head on and will use that knowledge to prevent them ...Read More

  • Empowering the Poor Through Christ September 23, 2013 Dr. Jyotsana Prasad (Ranu) of Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra (GSSK) in Ujjain, India, was recently honored as one of 10 non-government teachers in the state of Madhya Pradesh “for empowering poor village children with education, other components of rural development, maintaining high academic level, with strict discipline and eliciting willing cooperation from her staff members, ...Read More

  • Serving Seniors
    Serving Seniors April 27, 2012As I have aged and lost my parents, I sometimes feel very alone even though my son is close, he has his own life and friends.  Kamlesh and Ranu saw this same need with older people in the area of India where they serve and decided to do something about it.  About two years ago ...Read More

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