• Water Festival Witness
    Water Festival Witness April 20, 2009In the Buddhist culture the annual water festival, Thingyan in Burmese, is a major celebration. It coincides with the New Year on the lunar calendar, which for 2009 was April 13-16. This is a time of cleansing where the people pour water over themselves to remove the bad luck, bad deeds, bad thoughts and anger ...Read More

  • The Fields are Ripe to Harvest March 25, 2009We are all called to share the Gospel yet here in the United States we sometimes  feel that everyone has heard the Good News about Jesus Christ and we become complacent in our efforts as often our message falls upon “deaf” ears or we are instantly shut out for sharing a message many do not ...Read More

  • Christian Love in a Dark Place February 16, 2009Living in the United States, we are very spoiled and sometimes overlook what a blessing it is to be able to worship as we choose and to be able to decide what we want to believe. In many parts of the world this is not the norm. Myanmar is one of those places. Those who ...Read More

  • Light In A Land Of Oppression January 5, 2009In a land dotted with pagodas and rice paddies, serves a man we will call Benjamin. More than a year ago, Harvesters received a message from Benjamin, a young pastor in Myanmar, requesting assistance for his ministry, Fellowship Bible Church. In a land dotted with pagodas and rice paddies, serves a man we will call Benjamin. ...Read More

  • Triumph Out Of Tragedy August 17, 2008“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. (Is. 55:8) Cyclone Nargis brought thousands of deaths and missing persons to Myanmar. Homes, crops and businesses were destroyed. The government did not want to receive outside assistance and the people were starving. This is a pretty dismal picture in ...Read More

  • Provision Beyond Expectation: Myanmar Update June 4, 2008A month has now passed since the landfall of cyclone Nargis along the Irawaddy Delta of Myanmar. Within days of this tragedy, we received word from Pastor Benjamin who lived in the delta outside Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. We were all relieved to hear that he, his family and the orphans under his care ...Read More

  • Cyclone Devastates Myanmar May 6, 2007Friday morning, May 2, 2008, looked like any other day in Myanmar, but by 6 P.M. a category 3 cyclone had made landfall on the southern tip of Myanmar and by 6 A.M. on May 3rd it had reached the capital city of Yangon, leaving a trail of destruction in its path. More than 22,000 people ...Read More

  • Sharing the Gospel in Southern Chin State January 10, 2007I have had the privilege of sharing the Gospel in many places around the globe and would not consider most of those to be “Holiday Inn” locations, but what our pastors go through to share the Gospel in Southern Chin state far surpasses anything that most of us can imagine. Southern Chin state is located in ...Read More

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