• Serving Together – United in Love and Purpose June 11, 2015Meet Wesley Thang and Theint Zar Chi Myint.  They are both members of the first graduating class of Myanmar Bible College and were married in March. Wesley was raised in a Christian home.  His father died when he was a child, and he spent many years feeling lonely and unhappy.  He fell into the wrong crowd ...Read More

  • Opportunities in Myanmar April 6, 2015We want to make you aware of two opportunities to serve Fellowship Bible Church. The monsoon season in Myanmar is quickly approaching. It rains daily for several months flooding everything. Last year, the FBC children’s home experienced extensive flooding and the children and house parents had to be evacuated.   In an effort to avoid flooding and ...Read More

  • A Heart for the Harvest May 14, 2014 Three very different cultures, including ours, interacted deeply during the February mission’s festival at Grace Community Church, Hilton Head, SC. We were challenged in new ways by what it means to have a heart for the harvest, which was our theme. Pastor Benjamin (Myanmar), on his first visit to the US, and Pastor Julius Murgor (Pokot, ...Read More

  • Justin Ling… The next Adoniram Judson September 23, 2013 Justin says that he was not a good person before he came to know Christ. He was drinking and using meaningless things in his life. When he became born again in 2002, he was filled with unspeakable joy. He attended Peniel Bible College and Seminary where he earned a theology degree in 2011. God blessed him ...Read More

  • The “GO” Part of Learning March 25, 2013Ever gone looking for a job and not gotten it? Oh, you have all the right training from the best schools, with the good grades and a shiny new diploma to back it up. Still, you may have been passed over for a different candidate. So what was the missing ingredient? What did you lack that ...Read More

  • Training the next Generation
    Training the next Generation October 19, 2012Do you sometimes look at the young people and ask yourself, “Where are they coming from? Where do they get these crazy ideas?” Chances are someone thought that about you when you were a young person also. It seems each generation develops their own standards, trends and beliefs, but it doesn’t have to be that ...Read More

  • 10 Year Anniversary
    10 Year Anniversary July 17, 2012You may remember that we had informed you of an upcoming big event in the life of our Myanmar ministry.  This event was a dual celebration of the one year anniversary of the Bible School and the ten year anniversary of the ministry.  The events took place in May, and it was a special time, ...Read More

  • Thingyan Water Festival
    Thingyan Water Festival April 12, 2012If you can envision the wildest 4th of July you have ever experienced you may come close to understanding what a big event the Thingyan Water Festival is in Myanmar. Unlike the 4th of July, however, this is a four-day event that falls right before the Myanmar new year. This is the week of that ...Read More

  • Ministry on the Move January 16, 2012Our ministry partner in Myanmar is constantly on the move – alert, awake and bringing awareness to the lost. The pastors sacrifice their lives and their time for His Kingdom and for the task of winning lost souls. They have answered the call in Isaiah 6:8 – “Whom shall I send? And who will go?” ...Read More

  • Meeting People Where They Are November 11, 2011One of the most remarkable things about Jesus was that He was able to meet each person right where they were – it didn’t matter if they were a high ranking official or a lowly fisherman – He knew their need and was able to fill it.  As missionaries, that is often a challenge, but ...Read More

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