• China Sees June 3, 2019Thank you for praying for our fellow believers in China who are experiencing increased hostility from their government. We have remained in regular communication with our ministry partners in China, conducting Biblical counseling and providing advice through technology called WeChat, which is like twitter in US. Our “city” group planned to plant a church in 2018, ...Read More

  • From the Field December 13, 2017Proverbs 16:9 says, “The heart of man plans his way, BUT the LORD directs his steps.” Ironically, and with some surprise, unplanned circumstances over the past few months dictate that we begin this update with this Scripture and its attendant meaning! We unexpectedly returned to the States due to a significant trial in the club we ...Read More

  • From the Field March 20, 2017By God’s grace and sovereignty, we have experienced some wonderful highlights in 2016. We completed the transition from a broad-based ministry model to one where we concentrate on serving a single church in a single location. This has been a difficult transition, but we are deeply committed to the church as God’s vehicle in the ...Read More

  • China Sees – Year-End Update January 5, 2017Below is a 2016 year-end update from our partner in China.  For their protection, they are referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Jones.   Wow – another year has passed! We are sure that many of you may feel the same way we do – where did the year go? We write this update on New Years Eve, ...Read More

  • China Sees Update March 30, 2016The China Sees ministry began their partnership with Harvesters in January 2015.  In that time, they have made significant strides in growing both their ministry and the lay leaders. The countryside ministry addresses the leadership needs of a rural house church network.  Their focus is to equip their leadership to self-sufficiently conduct the work of the ...Read More

  • China’s Growth Explosion June 11, 2015The church in China, like China itself, is complicated.  Western missionaries laid much of the foundation for today’s church over 150 years ago.  Recent growth in Christianity began and spread from the countryside.  Various sources estimate there are between 80 and 140 million Christians in China today, owing largely to a period of explosive growth beginning ...Read More

  • Expanding Our Horizons March 14, 2015The Lord continues to expand Harvesters’ reach around the world!  After much prayer and discussion, two very important votes were taken at the December Board of Directors’ meeting.  We are excited to introduce you to the newest additions to Harvesters. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the addition of a new ministry partner, China Sees, which ...Read More

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