Harvesters International Ministries news from our partners around the world:

  • Note From Our Director March 20, 2018Authentic love leads to action. It’s more than just a passive acknowledgement of need or a brief thought about what ought to be done. In several verses, God’s Word defines genuine love in terms of how it reacts to needs, with right attitudes mixed with helpful responses. That’s the kind of love that led Christ ...Read More

  • Leaving A Legacy March 20, 2018By J Lucarelli This past Christmas, we were given a gift that we didn’t really want to receive. The week before Christmas, Ed Hirshman, a beloved friend, mentor, and recently-retired-director of Harvesters, passed away at the spry age of 73, as a result of complications with esophageal cancer. Ed is certainly “in a better place”, and ...Read More

  • Fellowship Bible Church – Ministry Update March 20, 2018By Pastor Ben We are grateful for your prayers and support for the work we are doing in Myanmar. In early 2017, the Lord provided land for a permanent home for Myanmar Bible College. Once complete, this complex will house the college, dorms, and become the headquarters for other ministry operations. An existing building on the property ...Read More

  • Sion Assembly Church – Ministry Update March 20, 2018By Rajendra Kumar Thank you for your support of our ministry. We have had an eventful year here in India with two new churches planted, the addition of new programs for assisting people affected by leprosy and AIDs, and the opening of a satellite campus of the North Carolina Theological Seminary (NCTS). In September, we began training ...Read More

  • Pokot Outreach Ministries – South Sudan Update March 20, 2018By Reuben Meriakol Our ministry’s primary focus is bringing the good news to everyone through evangelism and church planting. Besides this, we also engage in community development activities such as education, health campaigns, and capacity building on social and economic matters. In the ministry of preaching the gospel and church planting, we have missional leaders leading our ...Read More

  • Kerith Ministry Update March 20, 2018By Samuel Mwesigwa We celebrated ten years of ministry in 2017, and I am pleased to share with you how the Lord has blessed us this year. During the year, we held seven revival meetings, planted one new church, baptized 496 new believers, and held seven Gospel crusades where just over 1,700 people received Jesus Christ ...Read More

  • What Can I Do? March 20, 2018By Doug Radford, Director I get asked a lot by people who support our work – “What else can I do to help?”. That’s a great question with an easy answer! I encourage them to simply help us connect with more people. We are always looking for opportunities to share with churches, Sunday School classes, small groups, and individuals about ...Read More

  • Growing Myanmar Bible College December 13, 2017What an exciting year for Myanmar Bible College! The college is now offering a Bachelors in Theology, as well as a shorter program, which provides a Diploma in Theology. In February, 14 young men and women graduated from MBC. We added 15 freshmen this year and now have a total of 44 students. Earlier this year, ...Read More

  • From the Field December 13, 2017Proverbs 16:9 says, “The heart of man plans his way, BUT the LORD directs his steps.” Ironically, and with some surprise, unplanned circumstances over the past few months dictate that we begin this update with this Scripture and its attendant meaning! We unexpectedly returned to the States due to a significant trial in the club we ...Read More

  • Bringing Hope to Orphans December 13, 2017It has been amazing to watch God pour His blessings upon the ministry in Russia throughout this year! It began with God’s provision for Sergey and Anya, which allowed them to rescue five orphan siblings that were living in different orphanages throughout eastern Russia. The kids are all now living together, are well adjusted, and learning ...Read More