Harvesters International Ministries news from our partners around the world:

  • Fellowship Bible Church – Myanmar March 28, 2019 There are many people that are involved in the work of Fellowship Bible Church and all of our ministries. We would like to tell you about two of the men that are just a small part of what God is doing in Myanmar. John – Church Planter John is one of our church planters among ...Read More

  • Kerith Ministry – Rwanda March 28, 2019 We are grateful for your continued support of our ministry. Because of your faithful giving, we were able to construct two additional classroom buildings last year, which allows us to provide life-changing education for more children. I would like to tell you about two of our students and the impact that education is making in ...Read More

  • Seira Community Ministry – Rwanda March 28, 2019 The Lord has faithfully been growing the churches that are part of our ministry. Our first church in Kigali now has two services every Sunday with over 600 people hearing the word of God. The members of the church in Rukumberi met for the first time under a cover of tarps hobbled together to give ...Read More

  • Pokot Outreach Ministries – South Sudan March 28, 2019 The focus of our ministry over the past year has been evangelism, church planting, the training and equipping of leaders, and education. Evangelism was done in our five hubs and was significantly boosted by the Jesus Film machines. Over 15,000 people were reached and almost 500 came to the Lord! Four churches and several preaching ...Read More

  • Good Samaritan – India March 28, 2019 Creating A Future For Girls Girls in our area are seen as a liability. They need to be married off with a big dowry, whereas sons bring a dowry! The male members in the family eat first, and the females have to do with whatever remains. Girls are neglected and abused, even in their parental homes. ...Read More

  • Pokot Outreach Ministry – South Sudan December 11, 2018 Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are all doing fine in the Lord. We thank God for the continued partnership in prayer and material support. We praise God for richly supplying for our needs in every way as we serve him here in South Sudan. It has been an ...Read More

  • Fellowship Bible Church December 11, 2018 Every year, we give new clothes and small gifts to the 145 orphans cared for by our ministry. We explain that these gifts come from God and the body of believers. It lets them know that they are not alone and that many people are praying for them and caring about their needs. ...Read More

  • Omega Ministry December 11, 2018 We are thankful for the dedication and courage of our Pakistani partner, Omega Ministry, who continues to share the Gospel amidst threats of violence. Recently they held a seminar for pastors and church members to specifically encourage them. Over 250 people attended this special session. Please pray for them as they hold ...Read More

  • Sion Assembly Ministry December 11, 2018 Thank you for your continued support of our ministry. At present, we have 45 children living in our orphan home. We are looking forward to starting a school that will also allow children in the slums to attend alongside the orphans. We have raised some funds for this project, but still need $4,000. ...Read More

  • Seira Community Ministry December 11, 2018 God continues to bless the church in Rwanda! Recently constructed churches are now filled with both people and songs of praise. A team recently visited the Seira Community Churches, our partner there, and participated in three special services where a total of 47 people were baptized, including this excited young lady. As previously ...Read More