Ministry in Myanmar

visiting house to houseBy: Pastor Benjamin – Fellowship Bible Church

Myanmar Bible College has now come to its fifth academic year through a mixture of difficulties and God’s blessings.  We are so thankful to God, whose faithfulness has been revealed to our MBC family through the faithful partnership of our friends, both local and abroad.  In His Name, within the last five years, we have fearlessly faced difficulties and He has helped us overcome all of them and given us victories. Therefore, we are joyful with His blessings and energetically motivated by these victories for the years to come.

Myanmar Bible College offers a Bachelor of Theology degree and a Masters of Theology degree.  We emphasize mission studies, which includes courses in Bible, theology, history, ethics, and more.  Our first class of ten students graduated in February.  What an exciting milestone for us!  For this academic year, a total of 35 students (8 female and 27 male) came to MBC to study the word of God. They come from 12 different ethnic backgrounds and speak 9 different dialects.  It is such a joyful experience to live with people from different cultures, which helps us to also better understand the people that we will be reaching for Jesus.  MBC celebrates a Cultural Day once every academic year, proclaiming our unity in Christ and His missions in spite of our diversity.

We regularly send students to minister to the local Buddhist community, as well as to Yangon City.  Once a year, students travel to different cities in Myanmar on a mission trip for one week.  These missional activities allow students to apply all that they have learned during the year.  This year, we are planning to go upper Myanmar, close to the Indian border.  Though the expense will be great, we strongly believe that God will provide all that we need for this time of training for the mission He’s given us.

Currently, MBC students live and study in residential homes that are rented by the college.  This presents a number of challenges.  It is difficult for the students to study undisturbed and worship freely because we are a faith-based community living in the midst of the Buddhist community, which at times is a hostile environment.  The limited space in sleeping rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities has caused several students to leave MBC for a school with a proper campus.

We have many ideas for additional school activities and improvements, but are unable to put them in place because we lack a permanent space.  For almost five years, we have diligently prayed and fasted, seeking God’s direction and provision for land to build on or a building that would be a suitable campus.  It is our hope that one day we will be able to study and worship God freely.