Justin Ling… The next Adoniram Judson

justin Justin says that he was not a good person before he came to know Christ. He was drinking and using meaningless things in his life. When he became born again in 2002, he was filled with unspeakable joy.

He attended Peniel Bible College and Seminary where he earned a theology degree in 2011. God blessed him and kept him under the shadow of His wings while he was studying God’s word.

Justin was inspired by the missionary, Adoniram Judson, and is preparing to become a missionary to Shan state in Myanmar. He is thankful for the privilege to be involved in ministry and has a vision to proclaim the good news of Christ to the unreached. He says that most people of Myanmar are hungry for the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ because they are spiritually dead and worship meaningless things.

His greatest ambition is to serve the Lord faithfully as long as he lives and as much as he can.

Justin is one of many that are ready to head into the unreached areas of Myanmar and need your help to make the journey through your prayer and financial support.