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Growing Myanmar Bible College


What an exciting year for Myanmar Bible College! The college is now offering a Bachelors in Theology, as well as a shorter program, which provides a Diploma in Theology. In February, 14 young men and women graduated from MBC. We added 15 freshmen this year and now have a total of 44 students.

Earlier this year, we were able to purchase a tract of land that will become the future home of Myanmar Bible College. This plot will also be the home of other FBC ministries including the children’s homes. There is already an existing structure on the property that had fallen into disrepair. Renovations are being made so that it can be used for classrooms while a more permanent building is being built. We have obtained drawings for two new dormitories (one each for women and men) and anticipate that it will cost $146,000 to construct and furnish them. We are prayerfully trusting the Lord to provide as we continue to implement our strategy for growing this ministry.

Meet Professor David

MBC is staffed with amazing professors that are eager to prepare young people for lives of ministry. Here, Professor David presides over his class. Due to the small size of the college, each professor teaches a variety of subjects. Below he speaks about the impact of the classes that he teaches.

Teaching elementary “English” to new students is an exciting and challenging task. Many have no previous English studies. Students come to know more English vocabularies related to the Bible and theology. Moreover, they improve in listening, reading, writing, and speaking as they are compelled to apply their lessons into their daily use.

Learning “Bible Geography” makes students excited to read the bible and has made their reading of the Bible clearer.

Since “Romans and Galatians” are foundational to Christian doctrine and belief, these books are being taught with significant preparation in order that they will be able to teach to others as well. As a result, the students are ready to use their learned lessons when they are called to share the gospel to unbelievers.

“Church Growth” is a neglected, but important, subject in other Myanmar bible schools. Even if it is taught, no church in Myanmar seems willing to apply church growth strategies. I, therefore, personally made the subject very serious, giving NINE church growth strategies, which can be applied in Myanmar churches and the students can apply in their future pastoral ministry.

Teaching “Cults” is important in Myanmar’s current situation as countless denominations and cults are flowing into the country. These cultic sects not only teach strange doctrines, but also seriously divide the church and bring confusion to believers. This teaching allows students the tools to identify and combat false teaching.