By:  Phillip Ochieng

My dear partners in the Lord’s work Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus.

We can never adequately appreciate your role in coming along side of us to do what we are doing and have done through your sacrificial support both in prayers and in finances.

Since my wife and I were in states last, where we were spiritually nourished and encouraged, the Lord has been able to move us in ministry from one level to another and for this we are so thankful to the Almighty,

I now wish to give a brief update on the progress here so far.

The Church

The church has remained the core of our ministry from the very early stage. All that we do we always make the church our focal point. Other side ministries help us to reach out to the people easily and as we reach out to them we point them to Christ. We continue to grow in faith and maturity.

But that has not exempted us from trials and challenges of life. But one thing now has become real that as we go through trials we are not alone as the Lord Himself is carrying us along and in time we don’t see them anymore.

We learn that challenges prepare us to higher level of spiritual maturity. And this is where all of us long to be. Please pray that we remain good students of the Word so that Christ may be seen in and through us. 

Construction project

We give God glory for what has been done in this area which was one of our priority needs during our trip in March. The Lord enabled us to receive more than half of what was needed to complete the work. We have so far completed the roofing extension work, which was a great need.

Plastering of the wall have been completed with the exception of one room.

What remains to be done here is the fixing of windowpanes, inside doors, electrical, painting and the ceiling work. However we are hopeful that the Lord at His right time will provide the $3,500 needed to fully complete the work.

Children support ministry

The schools closed two weeks ago for August holidays and will resume next week after two weeks holidays. We have had very good reports from a number of our children in secondary schools who are normally away in boarding schools.

We are encouraged by their good work in school. We are indeed thankful to all for making this a reality through sacrificial support to keep them in school.

We have other children in primary or elementary school, who are staying in the orphanage, and are doing well. Our advantage with them is the opportunity we have to minister to them spiritually since they are with us most of the time. Please pray that they may all come to the salvation knowledge of the Lord.

Brian, an HIV case

Brian, now 12 years old has been living with the virus since birth. We have been with him in the orphanage since he was six and we have seen the Lord working in his life. About a month ago he fell seriously ill and was admitted in a hospital. He has been there for almost three weeks now. Indeed he is showing signs of good improvement. We are indeed hopeful that the boy will recover soon and leave the hospital. Please continue to pray for his recovery and discharge.

Farming project

Our harvesting this time may not be well following severe drought that was experienced this planting season. We have started on developing some farms now with hopes that it may not be the same again. Sugarcane, which is a two-year crop, has survived the drought. The machinery is working well and will continue to serve us well.