Dear Prayer Partners,

We are here thanking the Lord for His faithfulness to us and the ministry here in Uriri, Kenya. The year has started well and the children are back in school. It is our prayer that you all are well in Christ and that the New Year will be full of blessings for you all. Do convey our New Year well wishes to everyone.

The school session has started with lots of challenges especially the increased fees and other requirements to keep the work here running.

Church Ministry

This continues to remain our biggest area of attention since we have been called primarily to save the lost and the church is the avenue we use to do this. It is our priority to teach the Word and in this we will continue to do so as long we still have the unsaved amongst us. The church has matured in the faith and in the understanding of sound doctrine. The regular church members continue to grow in grace and we see a higher level of spiritual maturity as they go about their daily activities and for this we thank the Lord. The numbers though continue to remain a challenge. The growth in numbers has not been to our expectation. We will continue to look to the Lord even more with this need.

Translation and Printing Ministry

With the blessings of an off set machine complete with cutter and perforator we are able to do much more than we were doing before. We got a new computer set that has increased the pace of our work in the areas of printing. We are trying to catch up with the many translated materials awaiting printing and we hope that by end of February much would have been done. The limitation here though is the increased cost of printing materials but we are managing. We do struggle to meet the expenses of those helping us with the work. Occasionally we get some outside work and this help to cover for us some costs. The machines are working well and we thank the Lord for them.

Children Ministry

The orphans under our care and support remain a pillar ministry in the work we do here. The many children we brought in continue to pursue their studies. Quite a good number are in boarding schools now as they join high school education. At this level, cost of keeping them there increases but the Lord has so far faithfully provided through his people. We have never lacked to keep one in school. For this we do thank all our prayer partners for being faithful and allowing the Lord to use you to meet these needs. Those who are still in grade schools continue to be with us and we work closely with their home guardians to prepare them for the future. There is need to add more but we lack good preparations to accommodate and serve them adequately and so we would do with the ones we currently have until we increase our support base.

Farm Project

We are now in the middle of harvesting period and over the last two weeks it has not been easy work. But when we look at what the Lord has provided through the farms we cannot stop to thank the Lord for His faithful provisions through labor and sacrifice. We have not finished harvesting but we surely will have enough to take us through the session. We are looking ahead to start preparing the lands for the next crop cycle. Our biggest challenge here is lack of harrowing equipment. We anticipate a more and better produce if the equipment for harrowing could be available with us. Normally we do our planting late when those with harrows have finished doing their farms and able to hire them out to us. This gives us very little time to do good work. The Lord has provided part of the needed cash through one of His churches and we needed an additional $8000 to have the equipment available to us for use at our convenient. This means that we can be able to double our food production. We will then have excess to sell and help with other needs like school fee payments. As the session for new planting is here in Feb and March, this is an area of strong appeal for assistance so that we catch up with the planting time. We still know and strongly believe that our God is able to provide and He will at His right time just the way He did with the plough when we really needed one.

Know that we appreciate your love, sacrificial giving and prayers toward the work here.

God Bless You,

Phillip Ochieng
Grace Outreach Mission
Uriri, Kenya