The campus of Grace Outreach in southern Kenya houses a church, children’s home, and meeting space for skills training and discipleship classes.  Our church continues to grown and we have planted a new church in a neighboring community.  We also operate a 40-acre farm nearby.

One of our primary goals is to disciple men and women as they grow in their faith.  We offer regular Bible study classes and provide translations of study materials, which we encourage our members to share with others.  We have a well-stocked library that serves the church and the community.

SIP_7653We provide care and support for 26 orphans including medical care, sending them to school, and other necessities, such as food and clothing.  We are grateful for our new partnership with that is providing sponsors for each of the children.  We hope to be able to increase the number of children that we serve.  In an effort to generate our own resources, our farming program produces sugar cane, corn, beans, and sweet potatoes.  It also includes bee keeping and a fish farm that raises tilapia.  These items are also sold to the community to generate revenue.

Many young people are not able to continue their education through secondary school, either because of ability or lack of financial resources.  It is vital that these youth learn a trade so that they can provide for themselves and their families.  It is our goal to develop a vocational training school where they will receive training in computer literacy, carpentry, dress-making, and welding.  We currently have enough space and some tools that will allow us to get started.  We have also identified people that have the ability to lead the training.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our ministry!