Everyone at Grace Outreach sends you new year greetings and wishes you all the best for this year.  It is our prayer that the Lord will grant you abundant blessings this year as you labor in His ministry. We also thank you so much for your prayers and continued financial support. We are so appreciative!

The church here has continued to grow in the area of evangelism. The churches that we have planted are doing well. Recently, we visited one of those churches and we were very much encouraged by their love, dedication, and commitment to the service of our Lord.GOM Philip & Rose

The orphan support program continues to draw attention as we share the love of Christ with the lost. The children that are under our care are all doing well. There are challenges in some areas, like sickness and the lack of funds to keep them in school. But even in such hard times, the Lord has been a faithful provider. We thank you for your prayers even in this area.

Our farming project is beginning to bear some fruit. We are hopeful that the Lord Almighty would bring us better yields this year.  We just completed harvesting corn this January and we are hoping to get 140 bags.  Even though one third may go into the cost of production, we shall remain with more than enough for our own consumption and to sell.  The availability of the farm equipment that the Lord provided through you has been of great help in the area of farming.

Thank you once again for making yourselves available that the Lord may use you to be a blessing to us in this way.  Please continue in your prayers and support for the work here and may the loving Lord bless you abundantly.

Rose, my wife, and our children, Grace, Moses, Sheila, and Zachary, are all doing well and also send their greetings. Be blessed!