From the Field-Grace Outreach Mission Field Report Grace Outreach Mission

Dear Partners in Ministry,

We send you greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We do appreciate His care and provisions even during hard and trying moments.

It was a big honor and privilege for us to meet with the Board of Harvesters in March while we were visiting the United States. We thank God for enabling us to partner with Harvesters International as we avail ourselves for His use in this part of the world. Thanks to Julius Murgor and Ed Hirshman, who have been very instrumental in fostering His partnership. But above all we give God Almighty all glory and honor.

Family Update

Rose and I have been married since December of 2001. We have two girls and a boy. The oldest, Grace Debora, is now five and in pre-school. Job Moses is her follower. He is three and a half and has joined Baby Class to keep himself busy and in company. Our youngest is Sheila Susana who will be two in September.

Pray that we will be Godly parents to them and the many other children the Lord has brought in our lives to raise in His fear and knowledge.

We had a trying moment when we came from the U.S. in April and found our mother in the hospital. She eventually went to be with the Lord in June. We thank all of you who heard about it and prayed with us.

Church Ministry

The Grace Outreach Fellowship, as we call our church, has seen good spiritual grown recently. However in number we are still wanting. Pray that as we get involved in more outreach programs we will draw many to us.

It is also our interest to finish up the Fellowship Hall in which is nearing completion. When this is done we shall have ample space for worship, conferences, and other large meetings.

Members of the church are growing daily in the Word through a systematic study of the Word of God but we are limited in Bibles. We would request your prayers that the Lord provide about 200 copies of Bibles in our language. Part of this will be used by our church members as it will be in one version thereby providing easy following during teachings as everybody will have a similar version. The rest may be given out to the community around us as we minister among them and see their hunger for the written Word.

Orphanage and Children’s Ministry

Currently we are supporting thirty-six children who are total orphans with no surviving relatives with the ability to provide for them.

We have raised them up and doing well under biblical teaching and a homey environment that the Lord has enabled us to establish for them as their second home.

The children are undergoing a home-based program and will be returning back into the orphanage in December this year. This home-based program was initiated (by the government) to give the orphans opportunity to identify with the home and its environment. Come December this year, the children will again be fully with us. However we are required by authorities to complete part of our unfinished building to house the girls away from the boys when they return later this year.

There is extra room to bring in more children and we appreciate your interest to partner with us in supporting a child or two as the Lord may provide.


As you continue to know us we do extend a warm invitation to you who may sacrifice for His cause to visit with us as the Lord may grant you the will and desire to do so.

Special greetings from everyone here.

Yours in His service,
Philip & Rose Ochieng