From Orphans to College Students

Fellowship Bible Church in Myanmar is currently caring for 139 orphans which are living in five homes of members of the congregation.  Living within a family unit provides them with love and stability that they need.  They also have the support of their church family, which provides assistance to these families for food expenses and school fees.  Children,MBC

Yawm Nai, Khawn Tawi, and Nu Bawi (pictured below) grew up in one of these homes.  They have since finished high school and are all second year students at Myanmar Bible College.  Yawm would like to become a Bible School teacher and plans to work with MBC in the teaching ministry.  Khawn plans to work in business.  Nu would like to work with children, either through teaching or in ministry.

The success of these students can be attributed to the loving environment in which they were raised.  It is exciting to witness their growth and success from early childhood until now.  We know that God will use them for the Kingdom and pray that their lives will be an encouragement to others.