Fellowship Bible Church Update

The ministry of Fellowship Bible Church in Myanmar focuses on three different areas:  evangelism, education, and orphan care.

We now have 14 churches located in villages throughout Myanmar.  These churches are served by 20 pastors and evangelists.  We are grateful that several new bicycles and motorbikes were provided in 2015, allowing pastors to travel more efficiently between churches.

During 2015, we graduated our first class of students from Myanmar Bible College.  Some of these graduates are working in the mission field in their native villages.  Several are continuing their studies toward a Master of Divinity.  Another ten students graduated in February 2016.  Average enrollment is 35 to 40 students.

Twice a year, MBC students travel to remote villages to share the Gospel.  This is a prime opportunity for them to put all they have learned into practice.  They also provide disaster relief in areas that are hard hit by annual monsoons.  These service opportunities are vital preparation for their work on the mission field.

Our greatest challenge for both church planting and the college is poverty in Myanmar.  Inadequate salaries become discouraging to church planters and ministers. Some have left ministry, and even the country, in search of a better life.  Young men and women are no longer encouraged to attend Bible school, but rather to look for a job or secular training that they think may be beneficial to their survival.

myanmar revPoverty has the opposite effect on our ministry to children.  It produces more needy and vulnerable children and more orphans.  FBC cares for 143 children in five different homes that are staffed by church members.  We want them to experience the benefits of living in a loving, family environment.  Children are provided with all of the essentials – food, clothing, and education The older children help care for their younger counterparts and many serve in our church worship ministry.

Please pray with us as we seek God’s direction on the purchase of land for the MBC.  We have identified several potential sites and will need funds to complete the purchase.