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Fellowship Bible Church – Myanmar


There are many people that are involved in the work of Fellowship Bible Church and all of our ministries. We would like to tell you about two of the men that are just a small part of what God is doing in Myanmar.

John – Church Planter

John is one of our church planters among the Buddhist people in Yangon. He was born again in 2001 and got the vision to do evangelism and church planting. He immediately began to share his faith with a few people, even though he was very fearful.

John has worked with FBC as a minister since 2014. He has seen the work and direction of God throughout his ministry. He has witnessed people experience healing and other miracles of God. And God has given him much more confidence. He is now able to approach anyone and share the Gospel.

John was able to start a church in the community. The area is filled with unbelievers, and most are very poor. Each week, about 150 people attend services. This year, 35 people accepted Jesus as their savior! He regularly visits homes in the area to distribute tracts and invite people to church.

John says: “By working with FBCM, I have the benefits of financial support, prayer, education, Bibles for ministry, and strategies for evangelizing. Myanmar Bible College sent students to help our church with evangelism outreach and to share the love of God house by house, at the market, and on the bus and train.

Thang Law – Myanmar Bible College

Thang Law was a student at Myanmar Bible College and completed his Bachelor of Theology in 2015. He completed his Masters of Divinity and Masters of Theology at Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology in 2018. During his time in graduate school, he began serving as a warden in the boy’s dormitory of MBC. He was happy to serve because it was the place where he began his studies of the word of God. As warden, he has full responsibility for all boy students and manages the dorm and all activities including devotions, cleaning, study hours, discipline, and more.

He began to develop ways to improve communication among the students. Because they came from varied cultures, tribal backgrounds, and life experiences, it was sometimes difficult for them to find common ground. What they do have in common is an eagerness to learn the Bible and serve God in ministry in the future. The eagerness he sees in them, continues to motivate him. The students have become very organized and diligent in their daily household responsibilities, as well as their studies.

Thang says: “They are quite eager to study. They often come to me during study time to ask about the things they do not understand. I am also able to talk with them about their future plans. They have a burning desire to serve God, and the are being well trained for that at MBC. I hope and expect these students will become great servant leaders in our country.”

Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our ministry. It allows us to continue to fill the great commission of Jesus Christ in Myanmar.