Fellowship Bible Church – Ministry Update

By Pastor Ben

We are grateful for your prayers and support for the work we are doing in Myanmar.

In early 2017, the Lord provided land for a permanent home for Myanmar Bible College. Once complete, this complex will house the college, dorms, and become the headquarters for other ministry operations. An existing building on the property has been restored and modified for temporary use. We continue to trust the Lord for provision of the cost of construction.

In December, our Bible students traveled to Shan state to share the Gospel. This took many forms – street evangalism, house-to-house evangelism, hospital evangelism, market evangelism, and even train and bus evangelism. We were able to reach over 1,000 people with the good news of Christ. It is so wonderful to see these students boldly sharing their faith with others. I am encouraged to see their big burden for lost souls. Through this trip and other outreaches, we were able to distribute 100 Bibles to new believers, as well as 3,000 Christian tracts to non-believers.

Our team of evangelists and church planters sets aside every Friday for praying and fasting. On the first Friday of the month, all of the church planters near Yangon gather together to encourage each other, share testimonies of how God is working, pray for each other, and discuss how to forward the kingdom of God in Myanmar and beyond. This is a time of rejuvenation for us all!

We thank you again for your support! Please pray for:
• our Bible students as they go on an evangelism outreach trip to Southern Chin state in March
• the annual water festival (an alternative to a Buddhist festival) held in April that allows us to share Jesus with children
• funding for Bibles for new believers